Family Therapy

Do you wish your family could be more supportive of each other?

Are you tired of the same old arguments that seem to achieve nothing?

Are there some things in your family that just aren't talked about?

Would you like communication in your family to be different?

Do you have a feeling that things would be better if there was more openness?

Are you worried about one of your children?

All families have difficulties at some time or another. It can help to talk about these difficulties with a therapist like me who is trained and experienced in helping families find ways forward that work. I provide a safe, confidential space for this to happen.

Family therapy helps those in close relationships to better understand and support each other. Difficult thoughts and emotions can be explored sensitively and safely with someone skilled and trained in this approach. The approach can be helpful when there is overwhelming sadness or anger within a family or when there are hurtful or harmful patterns of behaviour. Sometimes families find it difficult to cope with changing life circumstances or difficult news.

If you think family therapy might help you and the people you care about then give me a call or send me an email.