How long is a session?
An initial free telephone consultation last for up to 15 minutes. Face-to-face sessions are for approximately 50 minutes.

 Do all family members need to attend for family therapy?
No, it's not necessary for all your family to attend family therapy. We will decide between us who will be invited to attend and this may vary from session to session.

 What if my partner or other family member refuses to attend when I think they should?
It can be frustrating for you if the person who you may regard as the key to the difficulties refuses to come to therapy. Please discuss this with me as there may be something I can do. Also it may not be necessary for him/her to attend as worthwhile changes can still occur. I have a lot of experience of situations where this has happened.

 What do you mean by family?
Different people have different ideas about what 'family' means and family therapists understand this. I welcome any group of people who care about each other and will adapt my approach to fit each family's circumstances.

 Are your premises accessible for people who use a wheelchair?
At my Caerphilly premises there is a small step. I can arrange to see you at home or at your workplace if this is easier for you.

 Are you able to see me in my own home or at my workplace if this is more convenient for me?
I am able to see you in your own home or at your place of work if you would prefer this. There would be an extra cost attached to this service.

 I am interested in your coaching service. How long does coaching last?
As coaching is oriented towards goals it can be useful to develop a framework which builds in regular reviews. A common pattern is a review at the end of every third session. People usually find that they make really good progress within the first two or three cycles.

 How long does therapy last?
Many people see improvements after a few sessions. For some people it takes longer while others see such benefits that they build occasional therapy sessions into their lives.

How long do I have to wait to be offered an appointment?
Because I'm fortunate in being able to work flexibly I don't have a waiting list. I am generally able to offer appointments within one week of you first contacting me and at a time to suit you.

How frequent are appointments?
Frequency of sessions are agreed between us. Some people like to see me weekly especially at first while others see me every two, three or four weeks. I don't ask you to commit to any particular pattern. Whatever is right for you is usually right for me.

What if I need to cancel my session?
If you are able to give me twenty four hours notice then there is no charge. Unfortunately if you cancel within 24 hours I need to charge the full fee as there won't be enough time to offer someone else the appointment. 

Do you comply with current professional standards for supervision?
I have been trained to an advanced standard in systemic supervision and comply with current UKCP and AFT standards.

How many people attend a group supervision session?
In order for everyone to be attended to fully I include up to six people in a group supervision session.